Career Counselling

RiverDale’s Career Counselling Program is designed for students and their parents to receive career counseling and advice when faced with the decision whether to pursue Science or Commerce streams as students enter grades 9 and 11.

The school offers its expertise and Counselling services to parents on the basis of students’ past performance, interests, aptitudes and prospects for the future.

Special career counseling is offered to students of grades 10 and 12 and their parents, providing them with feedback on possible career choices for the future. Similar counselling sessions are conducted for students of grade 8 and their parents to help them make informed decisions regarding choice of subjects. The school, in association with reputed external agencies, conducts for its students an array of psychometric tests that help determine their aptitudes for and natural tendencies towards preferred subjects and careers.

Representatives of the partnering agencies subsequently share individualized analysis of these tests with parents at the school in a Parent-Teacher Meeting helping them make appropriate decisions regarding choice of subjects and future education and career options of their children.

The professional manner in which such counselling is routinely given to students and their parents has contributed much to the school’s onward march as a top residential school in India.