@ RiverDale

There are five dormitories at RiverDale, each named after an individual virtue: Fellowship, Harmony, Peace,Unity and Wisdom.

The dormitories are areas for relaxing and resting, socializing and studying. The design of the buildings are conducive for creating the ideal setting for harmonious living.

Each dormitory has a resident dorm-parent creating a family-like environment that provides for round the clock mature and loving supervision and guidance.

Dormitory Rules and Guidelines

  • Students must show due respect to the dorm-parents, obey and follow their instructions.

  • Students must show respect and consideration towards their fellow students.

  • Dormitories are out of bounds for students during the academic hours and evening games. During these times, the dorm-parents will allow students inside the dorms only with a Permission Slip signed by authorized staff.

  • Staff quarters are out of bounds for students. Students may be permitted to visit staff quarters only after obtaining written permission of the Principal.

  • Students are not permitted to enter dormitory wings other than their own

  • Students are expected to be in decent clothing inside the dormitories at all times. Students are not permitted to roam around the dormitories in their undergarments. Students are not permitted to wear boxers at school.

  • Cupboards, beds, and shoe-shelves must be kept neat, orderly, and tidy at all times.

  • Use of foul language, bullying, or hurting fellow-students is not allowed. The management will deal with such actions very firmly.

  • Playing of any kind of ball game inside the dormitory is not permitted. Non-compliance with this rule will attract severe consequences.

  • No tacks, staples, nails, or adhesive tape of any kind is to be used on the walls, furniture, windows, doors, and floorings.

  • Students are not permitted to wear slippers outside the dormitory area at any time.

  • Students are expected to follow the norms of decency while putting up posters and other visual displays in the dormitories.

  • A dorm-inspection is conducted once a week in which designated staff inspect students’ storage area and belongings in the dormitories for their orderliness and tidiness. Younger students are taught skills such as organizing their cupboards, folding their clothes and making their beds during these occasions.


1 RiverDale has been ranked among the top 5 best boarding schools in India for the past few years. It follows an excellent tradition of excellence in academics, supported by an array of approaches that help students in their conceptual and cognitive learning.

2 Students are helped to assume ownership for their own learning at RiverDale.

3 Training in sports and games is serious business at RiverDale! A team of trained coaches train students to become more proficient in their choice of sports and games.

4 A wide variety of extra-curricular activities ensure that students develop key skills that will place them on the cutting edge of success and excellence.

5 Training of students in morals and values receives constant attention at RiverDale, a process that is integrated into all avenues of learning.

6 The low teacher-student ratio ensures that all student receive one-to-one attention. No student is ever lost in the crowd at RiverDale. Students are cared for and supervised round the clock by a body of qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.

7 Assigned mentors provide additional emotional and personal support to students coming to a boarding school for the first time.

8 Every possible facility, be it in the field of academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and others, is put at the disposal of every student at RiverDale.

9 The school’s location, and the fact that it is a pure boarding school (no day-scholars are admitted) offer students a safe, controlled and distraction-free environment conducive to better learning.

10 The school’s Board of Governors and management recognize every child’s need to be heard and thus adopt an open-door policy where every student is free to approach anybody at the school to address their issues.

11 Reasoning with students is a culture at RiverDale where instead of adopting a ‘take it or leave it’ approach, students are helped to understand the reason behind every instruction, rule or norm at the school.

12 Students are constantly trained, helped and supported to develop good habits and pro-social traits.