Educational Tours

A variety of school outings and trips are organized for the students throughout the year. These include camping trips, subject specific field trips, educational tours and city outings.

Camping and Outdoor Activities

Aided by trained professionals, regular participation in activities such as outdoor adventure, camping, trekking, etc. have proven to be positive and meaningful activities that promote interest, abilities and skills among students. When carried out at the beginning of the academic year, these activities also help stronger bonding between new and older students in each class making for a more harmonious student body.

Long Educational Tour

The staff and students embark on an annual week-long Educational Tour which is mandatory for all students to participate in. This offers highly instructive experience to students and is part of their educational programme. They have been found to be very effective in stronger bonding among students, and between staff and students. Apart from this, these trips offer students many opportunities for insightful learning related to their course content as well as their life experiences.

Students dropping out of the Educational Tour for whatever reason will be charged the entire tour cost amount. All parents are informed of the details of the annual educational tour and consent forms are sought from parents as required.

Field Trips

Students are routinely taken on city-based field trips to help them gain practical experience of concepts related to their academic course content.

City Outings

Students unwind in city-outings, which comprise of a movie and lunch/dinner. Students are accompanied by their teachers and other supervisory staff during these outings.