Educational Tours

RiverDale School organizes a variety of outings and trips for students throughout the year which not only help students have fun and take some time off from the rigors of boarding school life, but also help them learn valuable life skills away from the classroom. These trips and outings include camping trips, subject specific field trips, educational tours and city outings.

The overnight camps are organized soon after the school starts its new academic year. A couple of months later, the staff and students embark on an annual week-long educational tour which is mandatory for all students to participate in. The tour is well planned and carried out under proper staff supervision. The locations and program for the school’s annual educational tour is carefully determined so as to afford students with optimum opportunities for learning as well as enjoyment. These trips have been found to be very effective in establishing strong bonds among students and provides them with many opportunities for insightful learning related to course content as well as life experiences.

Day-long and other short-duration field-trips too are routinely planned and carried out to complement classroom teaching and learning. Students are helped to develop their observation and self-learning abilities through these short trips. Students unwind in city-outings, which comprise of a movie and lunch or dinner. Students are accompanied by their teachers and other supervisory staff during these outings.