Academic Building

  • Spacious and airy classrooms

  • Separate Elementary Block with its own playground

  • Smart Classes systems fitted in each classroom

  • One large and well-stocked library

  • Science and Computer Laboratories

  • Learning kitchens for Home Science, Baking and Cooking training


  • Spacious and airy dormitory wings

  • Personal beds and study areas for Junior College students

  • Attached washroom areas in each wing

  • Recreation and Common Rooms in each dormitory block

  • Pool and Table-Tennis tables placed in each dormitory block

  • Play area outside each dormitory block


  • Large playgrounds with a covered stadium

  • Two Lawn tennis Courts

  • Two Basket-Ball Courts

  • Separate Olympic standard Swimming Pool for boys and girls

  • Two Badminton Courts

  • One Volley Ball Court

  • One Cricket Ground with separate covered and uncovered net-practice areas

  • Two Football grounds for senior (International standard) and junior teams

  • Table Tennis practice areas in each dorm

  • Gymnasium and Fitness Centre

  • One Multi-Purpose Hard-Court with lights


  • Music, Art and Dance studios

  • Dining Hall with separate arrangement for veg and non-veg students

  • One Big Multi-Purpose Hall

  • One large Amphitheatre

  • Tuck-shop area for weekends

  • Ample parking space

  • Wifi enabled campus

  • 24 X 7 CCTV security surveillance

  • Trekking Terrain and Hill


1 RiverDale has been ranked among the top 5 best boarding schools in India for the past few years. It follows an excellent tradition of excellence in academics, supported by an array of approaches that help students in their conceptual and cognitive learning.

2 Students are helped to assume ownership for their own learning at RiverDale.

3 Training in sports and games is serious business at RiverDale! A team of trained coaches train students to become more proficient in their choice of sports and games.

4 A wide variety of extra-curricular activities ensure that students develop key skills that will place them on the cutting edge of success and excellence.

5 Training of students in morals and values receives constant attention at RiverDale, a process that is integrated into all avenues of learning.

6 The low teacher-student ratio ensures that all student receive one-to-one attention. No student is ever lost in the crowd at RiverDale. Students are cared for and supervised round the clock by a body of qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.

7 Assigned mentors provide additional emotional and personal support to students coming to a boarding school for the first time.

8 Every possible facility, be it in the field of academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and others, is put at the disposal of every student at RiverDale.

9 The school’s location, and the fact that it is a pure boarding school (no day-scholars are admitted) offer students a safe, controlled and distraction-free environment conducive to better learning.

10 The school’s Board of Governors and management recognize every child’s need to be heard and thus adopt an open-door policy where every student is free to approach anybody at the school to address their issues.

11 Reasoning with students is a culture at RiverDale where instead of adopting a ‘take it or leave it’ approach, students are helped to understand the reason behind every instruction, rule or norm at the school.

12 Students are constantly trained, helped and supported to develop good habits and pro-social traits.