Participation Of Parents

We at RiverDale believe that close participation of parents is very beneficial for children. The school makes every effort to establish unity of purpose between it and parents while working with students.

To this end, Parent-Teacher Meetings are conducted as often as possible at the school where parents interact with teachers and apprise themselves of their children's progress at school. Other need-based interactions are also accommodated as and when needs dictate.

Parents are welcome to correspond with the school Principal whenever they need an update on the progress of their children. Every such request is responded to promptly by providing a comprehensive feedback related to the student's performance and application in the classroom, dormitory, dining hall and play grounds.

Apart from maintaining contact with the school through emails and Parent-Teacher Meetings, parents get to meet and interact with the school staff during the Annual Function, Sports Day and other special events.

A positive and transparent relationship between the school and parents has been largely responsible for RiverDale’s progress as one of the best residential schools in India.