Duties and Responsibilities of Prefects


Following the tradition of best junior colleges in India meritorious and more capable students are carefully chosen from Grades 12 and 10 each year and appointed to the Board of Prefects. Our student-leaders are the pride and strength of RIS, who, through the pursuit of excellence in every field, provide valuable support to the management and staff in the proper running of the school.

Serving as an intermediary between the staff and students, members of the Board of Prefects fulfill a number of varied tasks including supervision of students, and assisting the staff in the discharge of specific duties. Our student-leaders endeavor to motivate and guide the students to imbibe the values and principles upheld at RiverDale and reflect them in their day-to-day conduct and behavior.

These functions afford the Prefects and other student-leaders with the opportunity of enhancing their own leadership and administrative qualities and skills.