Duties and Responsibilities of Prefects


All Prefects will be expected to cooperate with the Head Boy/Head Girl in carrying out the duties assigned to them. They should remember that the tone of the whole school will, to a considerable extent, depend on their bearing. They should do their best, by example and precept, to encourage mutual support, cooperation and respect among the students. They should endeavour to encourage sportsmanship among those who take part in sports and games, and also among those who watch them. They should be on the lookout for bullying, mistreatment, use of indecent language and bad conduct among the students and should, when necessary, report offenders to the school management.


Prefects are senior students who possess a high degree of commitment to the school’s values and ideals. They are capable of overseeing the work assigned to them in their respective areas. In fulfilling their responsibilities, there is great emphasis on the attitude of service, not authority and privileges. It is the responsibility of all Prefects, whether detailed for duty or not, to see that the school rules are obeyed, and good standards of behaviour are maintained by the students at all times. Prefects are expected to be good role models in all areas of school life for all other students to emulate.

It should be remembered that no Prefect is ever off-duty. Though individual Prefects may be detailed for particular tasks, it is the duty of the entire body of Prefects to ensure that these assigned tasks are completed satisfactorily.

The Head Boy and the Head Girl are to ensure that Prefects are appropriately assigned tasks and duties, and that they carry out their duties impartially and diligently.