Value Education

RiverDale International School lays strong emphasis on moral and value education among students. RiverDale follows a set of unique and highly effective age-appropriate moral and value education approaches to develop strong moral standards in students.

The reality of how modern-day children are growing up is very different from what it used to be only a few years ago. The world has enormously changed! Children, today have to deal with a wide variety of problems such as emotional stress, bullying, fear and falling cultural and moral standards just to name a few.

The greatest safeguard that RiverDale can offer its students in this rapidly changing environment is to help them develop high moral standards which can constantly influence their thoughts, words and actions. It is with this lofty aim that students at RiverDale actively participate in age-appropriate programmes of moral and value education which have been seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.

Apart from independent value-based sessions, teachers are encouraged to identify values inherently enshrined within the content that they teach, and to discuss them with their students as frequently as possible.