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RiverDale School’s Covid-19 preparedness has been impeccable, and we have an entire year’s track record to show for it!

Every measure has been taken at RiverDale to ensure adequate Covid-19 related preparation as students look forward to begin the new academic year soon.

Teachers and other staff have been residing on the school campus since March 2020 for conducting online classes. Incidentally, ours was the first school in the region to start online classes soon after the onset of the pandemic. A year later, the school campus has remained completely covid-free.

Students of grades 10 and 12 joined school for a month in February 2021 for much needed revision in preparation for their Board Examinations. The strict vigilance and careful adherence to Covid-19 prevention norms by the staff ensured that the students were fully protected during their physical presence at the school. This, at a time when some other residential schools in the area reported Covid cases on campus, were declared containment zones, and had to be sealed.

RiverDale School offers its staff and students a naturally safe and healthy environment by virtue of its location in the lap of nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Entry to the campus is restricted to the bare minimum thus creating a controlled environment in which the health and wellbeing of all students is ensured. All facilities, including laundry and bakery, required for students’ welfare are available in-house.

After being home bound for nearly a year, it is time for parents to send their children back to school, confident that RiverDale will offer them the best Covid-19 preparation which few other schools can match.