Fee Structure - RiverDale International School, Pune

Fee DescriptionLocal StudentsForeign Students
Registration Fee (one time)Rs 5,000.00US$ 100.00
Admission Fee (one time)Rs 25,000.00US$ 400.00
Building Fund (one time)N. A.US$ 1,500.00
Annual Fee (Grades 2-8)Rs 3,70,000.00


US$ 9,000.00

Annual Fee (Grades 9-10)Rs 3,90,000.00
Annual Fee (Grades 11-12)Rs 4,10,000.00US$ 10,000.00
Imprest (Half Yearly)Rs 50,000.00US$ 500.00
UniformRs 25,000.00US$ 500.00

Annual Fee includes:

Academics: Tuition Fee, course fee, library, Computer and Science laboratories, remedial and extra classes.

Lodging Services: Dormitory accommodation.

Food Services: Daily school meals, morning, afternoon and evening snacks, and bed-time milk.

Co-Curricular Activities: Participation in the school’s Arts and Music programs.

Sports Activities: Participation in the school’s sports program.

Extra-curricular Activities: Participation is the school’s extra-curricular activities.

Medical Services: Use of the school’s infirmary attended by the school nurse for everyday ailments.

Imprest Account includes:

ICSE/ISC registration charges, books and stationary toiletries, laundry (Rs 1200 pm), weekly tuck -shop pocket money, special events such as Annual Function and Sports Day, medical issues requiring external doctors’ consultation, transportation (medical, airport/other locations’ pick-up and drop, bus-party (to Mumbai on occasion of school breaks), camps and outings, purchase of umbrella/raincoat, purchase of school watch, weekend activities, cake and chocolates for birthday celebration, exams and assessments, phone calls, participation in horse-riding activity, pocket money (while travelling), staying at the school during breaks/holidays (if authorized), and any unforeseen expenses.

Any outstanding amount under this account must be cleared before every school assessment for issue of exam related NoC.

A detailed statement of account will be sent to parents at the end of each term.

Fines and Late Charges include:

Late payment of fees/outstanding dues – 2% of the amount per month

Late withdrawal Charges: Parents seeking to withdraw their children should inform the Principal in writing latest by March 15. Fine for intimation of withdrawal after this date – Rs 25,000

Availing/over- staying exeat/leave/on-campus visits beyond the permissible quota – Rs 2000 per day

Reporting to school after a break/exeat after 6.00 pm – Rs 1000

Possession of cash/mobile-phone – Rs 10,000 in addition to permanent confiscation of cash/phone

Willful damage/destruction of school property – Rs 10,000 plus actual cost of repairs

Contact us : +91-9850 82 6975

“Productivity and efficiency can be achieved only step by step with sustained hard
work, relentless attention to details and insistence on the highest standards of
quality and performance.” JRD Tata

Young minds are capable of infinite possibilities which when nurtured and
channelized in the correct path leads to excellence of the individual and to the

My team and I focus on creating a perfect blend of academics and personal
experiences between students and nature, fostering sensitivity to the environment.
We believe every individual has latent talents which need to be discovered and
nurtured. Our challenge is not only to develop this, but also prepare them as
socially empathetic, responsible and compassionate adults.

Our founder has continued to serve as a guiding light and helped us to focus on
self-esteem, acquiring life skills and sustainable development. This forms the
nucleus of educational system at RIS.

Parents have been our pillars of support and strength. They have constantly stood
with us and motivated us to strive for excellence at all times.

The students, the focal center of all activities at RiverDale, and the very reason for
its existence, have also played their unique role by aligning themselves with the school’s vision and objectives through appropriate conduct and application. A
profound sense of responsibility and ownership towards their own learning, an
enhanced ability to resist peer pressure and take morally sound decisions, and a
predisposition towards cooperation and mutual support in the fields of academics,
extra-curricular activities and sports are only a few attributes that characterize our
students at RiverDale.

The way students respond to the tireless and caring efforts of their teachers and
other staff fills us with the confidence that at RiverDale we are moving in the right
direction. It gives us the motivation to redouble our efforts to serve the best
interests of our students. It also fills us with a sense of pride that RiverDale, in its
own small way, continues to enrich society by providing a steady stream of
morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically strong citizens. It is
with such tall standards to fall back on that we look to the future and discharge our
duties and responsibilities in the present.