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Being a residential school, RiverDale gives special attention to learning outside the classroom. Children are encouraged to participate in a multitude of activities which not only provide a healthy distraction from academics, but also impart additional skills necessary to thrive in today’s complex and challenging world. View More
The tradition of sports is taken up very seriously at RiverDale and is mandatory for all students. A wide variety of options are available. The school boasts of separate grounds and modern facilities for various sports on its vast campus which are overseen by trained coaches. Students regularly participate in inter-house competitions and inter-school events that help them acquire greater proficiency. The school organizes its Annual Sports Day on a large scale which affords the students the opportunity to showcase their sporting talents and skills before their parents, visitors and the rest of the school.

The school’s sports facilities include:

 One Cricket Ground with separate net-practice area and covered mini stadium
 Two Football Grounds for senior and junior teams
 Two Lawn Tennis Courts
 Separate Swimming Pool for boys and girls
 Two Badminton Courts
 One Volley Ball Court
 Table Tennis and Pool Table in each dorm
 One Multi-Purpose Hard-Court with flood lights
Extra-curricular activities are a significant part of our learning program at RIS and meant to encourage leadership, teamwork and fair play, apart from development of key skills among students. The difference between a day and boarding school primarily lies in the importance that it affords extra and co-curricular activities. Students at RiverDale participate in a wide variety of inter-house and inter-school events. They routinely compete in debate, elocution and quiz competitions against students of leading schools in Pune. Besides, overnight camps, dorm nights, talent shows, performances for special occasions and a host of other stimulating extra-curricular activities form an integral part of our children’s calendar here at RiverDale.

Students at RiverDale are encouraged to undertake formal training in music through the use of its modern and well-equipped music studio. Music education helps to instill human values, attitudes and skills in students while unlocking a different side of the mind. A set of well-trained and highly enthusiastic faculty help children imbibe the beauty of the violin, the guitar, the keyboard, the recorder, and other instruments. RiverDale also routinely prepares a select and talented band of students for the theory and practical examinations conducted annually by the prestigious Royal School of Music and Trinity College, both based in London.

Our school curriculum envisages art education as an aid to improve a child’s imagination, creativity, and skills. Creativity is one of the essential ingredients for future success of a child, and we at RiverDale firmly believe in exploring the artistic potential of each child. Students of RiverDale enjoy hours of art and craft related activities in the spacious and amply-equipped Art and Crafts Room. Students and staff often come together in this creative space to prepare banners, posters, and stage props for RiverDale’s numerous programs, functions, and activities. The school routinely prepares students for Elementary and Intermediate Arts Examinations conducted by the government each year.

Weekends, although periods of leisure, are not totally bereft of educational activity. Students at RiverDale actively participate in weekend activities on Saturdays and Sundays where they engage in interesting yet educationally stimulating activities. A host of activities, some conventional, others not so much, aimed at imparting life skills are taught to our children. It is these unique pursuits of the school and the insights gained from them which ensure that children carry fond memories of boarding school throughout their adult life. Some of the more popular activities include Rock Band, Wave-Boarding, Baking, Cooking, Photography, Motor Repair and Maintenance.

Open House is an activity rooted in the democratic tradition where students meet to discuss issues that affect their life at school. Facilitated by the Prefect Board, students consult among themselves in an Open House, develop consensus on issues, and make recommendations to the School Management for implementation on a variety of issues. Open Houses encourage a participative approach and provide everyone a platform to voice their opinion.


Residential life includes student’s involvement in activities and programmes outside of the classroom with focus on dormitory life. Since a great deal of time would be spent in the dorms, residential life sets out to explain what a student of RiverDale can expect.

Since RiverDale would be your child’s “home away from home”, utmost care is taken to provide an atmosphere similar to the one left behind. Residential life embodies everything apart from classroom learning afforded through facilities and amenities provided by the school.

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Consumption of balanced and  nourishing meals significantly contributes to a growing child’s development, both physically and mentally. We at RiverDale understand this and closely monitor the dietary requirements of your child. An ample combination of healthy and tasty food is served at frequent intervals throughout the day. RiverDale School follows the best practices and facilities required for ensuring good health and wellbeing of our staff and students. Balanced, nutritious and delicious meals are served three times a day with ample snacks in between at frequent intervals.

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