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Boarding School Vs. Day School: Which Is Right For Your Child?

Complete Overview of Boarding School versus Day School to Opt For Your Child

Schooling is undoubtedly one of the most important and formative phases that an individual or a student goes through. It’s the exposure to schooling environment that leads to the growth and development of various cognitive, emotional, physical and social development in an individual’s life. After all, it’s the values imparted by the school and inculcated amongst pupils that are responsible for either making or breaking a person later in life. For a child, school acts as second home, their initial exposure to social circles-a world outside the confines of their homes, with schools marking several of their first of many experiences spanning over a longer time period and their life. Thus, it is of paramount importance for parents to get their children admitted to schools that best shape up their future and destiny.

Boarding Schools Versus Day Schools: Which one to choose for your child?

Boarding schools vs day schools have been a topic of constant debate and discussion in the realm of education, often cropping up question in parents’ mind: Which one is ideal for their child?

As two very different forms of educational institutions, boarding school, in fact, Best boarding school is where students reside on campus in dormitories or resident houses (hostels) along with basic and added amenities. They visit their parents during vacations, living under the care of warden.Whereas, a day school is where students attend classes in school and go back to their homes for everything else. Of late, boarding schools like Best boarding schoolor Best residential school, so to say, has become the ‘talk of the town’ and the ‘in’ thing, gaining immense popularity worldwide, with more and more parents getting their children admitted to shape up their kids’ life and future.

Advantages of Boarding School, rather, Best Boarding School Gaining Strong Foothold:

  • Constant guidance-Students studying in boarding schools are on school campus all the times, easily contacting seniors and peers in case of academic emergencies. Furthermore, teachers in Best boarding school, are available 24X7 and can be contacted by students anytime, ensuring constant guidance and supervision motivating students toward academic excellence.
  • Promotion of self-reliance skills-Children studying in Best residential school, are capable of taking care of themselves and being responsible for their actions, without having to rely on others for solving their problems. This mature act on their parts enables them to be self-confident and self-reliant.
  • Tight-knit alumni-Best boarding school is known to foster sense of brotherhood and sisterhood feelings, students developing warm, deep bonding with their fellow mates over a period of time translating into everlasting friendship and companionship. This tight-knit alumni of boarding schools are much more common than those of day schools.

 However, boarding schools are not without their fair share of disadvantages or hiccups. Here they’re:

Disadvantages of Boarding or Residential Schools:

  • Added costs/expense-Boarding schools, rather, Best boarding school, is costlier alternative for child to get enrolled in, with added cost lying in fee structure, which is a result of many added amenities provided by boarding/residential schools. This makes room for discussion of students’ affordability coming from economically weaker sections of society.
  • Detachment from home-Students studying in residential schools somewhat drift away from home and are less emotionally dependant on family members which may cause problems in later life when the child grows up and is unable to cohabit with family.


Though residential schools are witnessing an upward swing these days, day schools also have not lost its sheen and importance. Here’s how:

Advantages of Day Schools:

  • Parents’ involvement-Day schools, much unlike Best boarding school, allow for active parenting, with parents getting chance to interact with children once they return from school. They can actively help kids with studies, homework, school activities/curriculum, etc., which aids in strengthening parent-child relationship.
  • Education at home-Parents have an active, pivotal role to play in their kids’ educational process, keeping tab on learning procedures when children return from day schools. Schools too maintain frequent contact with parents, letting them know about their child’s progress and development.
  • Affordability-Day schools, unlike Best residential school, are easily affordable, being highly beneficial for several families coming from financially unstable backgrounds, those who can’t afford a Best boarding school, premium educational institution for their children.


All is not well and good with day schools also. Here’s why and how:

Disadvantages of Day Schools:

  • Parents’ over-interference-Though day schools aid students in strengthening familial ties, but being with parents almost all the time make them losing out on freedom, confidence and self-reliance encouraged in Best residential school. Often, parents’ over-interference in child’s life ends up having clashes between them, ultimately tainting parent-child relationship.
  • Specific hours of learning-Day schools are lagging behind Best boarding school, or boarding schools in general, in terms of having stipulated time period for students learning process. Unlike students of residential schools, students at day schools don’t have access to teachers post schools hours, lacking in constant guidance that students at residential schools are accorded with.


Boarding schools or Day schools-Which one is apt for your child’s future?

A child can achieve maximum growth and reach his/her true potential in an environment accountable for nurturing, nourishing and enriching his/her inner capabilities to the fullest. And both day and residential/boarding schools make their best endeavors to fulfill educational goals of young minds, helping them evolve as future leaders, pioneers and visionaries.But in terms of inculcating and instilling discipline,confidence, punctuality, independence and life skills, boarding schools are one step ahead of day schools. Moreover, children learn to enjoy extra-curricular and sports activities, focusing better on academics owing to the able guidance of boarding schools as well as attainingpeace, solace and mindfulness during the tenure of living in residential schools.Considering all factors of both boarding and day schools-their advantages and disadvantages alongside provisions or amenities, boarding school, in fact, Best boarding school, propositions an all-inclusive education coupled with an all-encompassing, holistic personal growth and development which might be lacking in day schools. Leaving aside fee restrictions, residential schools serve better. Undoubtedly, boarding schools are ideal option these days for securing your child’s future without batting an eyelid!

Get your child admitted at RiverDale International School-Best boarding school in Pune, India, maintaining an environment that’s conducive to overall growth and development of students pursuing academics there. Situated in breath-taking hills of Mulshi, RiverDale International School excels in running residential programs without any day scholars or weekly boarders, imparting education to young minds to be morally and academically upright. Its 24X7 personal supervision ensures that all students obtain maximum benefits from RiverDale experience. Comprising of selectively chosen team of competent and experienced individuals, school faculty and staff are committed to providing top quality education to students, paving way for their bright future ahead. Given the recent pandemic outbreak in 2020, every measure at RiverDale has been prepped up ensuring adequate safety for students looking forward to new academic year. Spread over 50 acres of lush greenery, we offer facilities superseding students’ expectations. Through academic excellence, RiverDale strives to nurture learning, competence amongst students opting for ICSE and ISC curriculum under the able guidance of founder Mr. Farhang Azar and principal Ms. Rini Chatterjee. Create your child’s destiny through us!


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Young minds are capable of infinite possibilities which when nurtured and
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My team and I focus on creating a perfect blend of academics and personal
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Our founder has continued to serve as a guiding light and helped us to focus on
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The students, the focal center of all activities at RiverDale, and the very reason for
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The way students respond to the tireless and caring efforts of their teachers and
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