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How to Prepare Your Child for Boarding School

November 17, 2022 rispune_admin 0 Comments

A boarding school is a great opportunity for your child to learn better and explore a lot when it comes to human conduct. It can be a very challenging yet very motivating experience for your child and it can teach them to thrive in a competitive environment. It is not an easy task to prepare your child mentally to attend a boarding school whether he or she is not ready for it. Therefore, it is very crucial that you take the atmosphere into consideration and make sure that you are convincing your child in the right way.

We will help you by giving you key pointers as so how you can prepare your child mentally for a boarding school. As we all know that it is a very important role as a parent to plant this idea in your child’s mind and make sure that you are preparing them in the correct way. Your kids should not feel burden by the idea of a boarding school and can be from to develop feelings of resentment and much more if not taken care of. Read on to understand how you can talk to your children into it.


How to mentally prepare your child to attend a boarding school

  • Understand your child’s feelings about boarding school– The very first step is to talk to your child and make sure that they are comfortable with the idea of the challenges that they might have to face in a boarding school. It is not a wise decision to force this on a kid.Some children may get ready for it in the long from but can be having mix feelings in the beginning. In such fragile cases, it is the duty of the parents to talk to them in such a manner that they feel less scared and motivated to go. You should be able to connect them on a level where they understand the perks of a boarding school.


  • Cater to their emotional longing for home –yourchild might feel very strongly about going to a boarding school to experience and explore more. However, every child once in a while can feel homesick. As a parent, you must make them understand that it is completely normal to feel that way and you are there for them regardless of where they are living. All a child requires at that time is assurance and a sense of presence of their family.


  • A routine is very important –one of the most crucial things when it comes to preparing a child for boarding school is a proper routine. There is a strict discipline followed in boarding schools in Pune and if your child is not able to keep up with that then it is going to be extremely difficult for him or her to learn there. Therefore, it is very important to have a proper sleep and eating routine inculcated weeks before your child starts boarding school. To shape and groom your child in a way toface the real world, any boarding school resorts to such discipline and it is better for him or her to learn at an early stage in life itself.


  • Be positive at each step of the process –not only can the move be difficult on the child but it can be difficult for the parents too. It is very important for parents to act like the adults that they are and take into consideration that their nervousness is not rubbing off on their child. Even if the child is mentally prepared to go off to boarding school, your negative mind set can make him or her extremely conscious and unsure. As parents it is your duty to make the whole experience for your child as positive as it can be and encourage them at every step.


  • Take the necessary steps at the last moment –it is completely normal for your child to feel jittery in the last few days at home. Even in the initial days are the boarding school your child can feel homesick and unsure. They might face trouble fitting in and adjusting to a completely new place they have to call home. You need to be present at all times and reassure them whenever they need it. It is always comforting for a child when someone they trust is being positive. Make sure that your child knows that you are always just a call away and they can express their feelings to you and you will come after the solution to their problems.


The entire transition can be very hard on kids as well as parents but at the end of the day what matters is how your child is being groomed for the future. Enrol your child into one of the best boarding schools in Maharashtra with fees that is affordable.

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