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Which Are the Top Boarding and Residential Schools in Pune?

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As a parent, one of your biggest concerns is your child’s education. It is very important to make a wise decision about where your child is spending time and learning. Boarding schools are an excellent means to keep students disciplined and inculcate moral values in them from a very young age. Residential schools give children an excellent opportunity to enhance their social skills and understand the importance of responsibility. It is vital that you pick the best residential school for your child because it is going to be the place where he or she is going to spend many years. If you are a concerned parent, wondering which boarding school in Pune is the best fit for your child, keep reading.

Top residential schools in Pune

Pune, a city known best for the educational institutions, is a great choice when it comes to residential schools. It is the favorite educational destination. Here are the top 5 boarding schools in Pune that you can enroll your child in.


  • Riverdale International School – This is every parent’s favorite choice when it comes to residential schools. Riverdale International School is known widely for its quality education and broad range of extra-curricular activities. Sports activities are given just as much importance as educational learning. In this boarding school, the faculty believes in learning outside the classroom. Riverdale International has a campus that is fully equipped with everything required for the best learning experience. Security is a priority, and your child is going to be safe inside the premises of this boarding. With an extensive and psychologically accepting timetable, the students are always at highest levels of energies and eager to learn. Addition to this, Riverdale International teaches your kids moral values and gives them the assistance they need. It is surely one of the best boarding schools in Pune.


  • Shivneri School and Junior College– A well-established residential school helping students reach great heights. The campus is one of the best and comes with great infrastructure. They believe in inner strength of children and encourage every student to be a part of extra-curricular activities and take up new hobbies. In the perimeters of the classroom, students are inspired to think outside the box and the faculty makes sure that every child is experiencing fun learning without feeling pressurized. Students in this educational institute are taught to handle responsibility and to enhance their social skills, etc.


  • The Cathedral Vidya School –One of the best residential schools in Pune that offers quality education. Cathedral Vidya School has excellent faculty and facilities. The students here learn a lot from the broad diversity of people, they communicate with their peers and build social interactions. Not only do they put a great amount of effort to make your child academically outstanding, but they also ensure that your child has a good intake when it comes to diet and is nurtured with best nutrition. The dormitories are shared, and this helps the student to engage with others. The homely atmosphere of the institute keeps the students very comfortable yet disciplined.


  • Sahyadri School – A huge emphasis is put on to being self-sufficient. If anything, it is being independent which is one of the most important skills that one must learn. Sahyadri School focuses on keeping their students in discipline. It is very important to manage your time and responsibilities and it can be easier if you are disciplined. With one of the best faculty in Pune, this educational institution makes your learning fun, and they make sure that no child is getting any less attention. The campus is equipped and has a broad spectrum of fun activities for your child to engage in.


  • Vidya Niketan High School–Coming in the top 5 boarding schools in Pune. Vidya Niketan is a very good choice to pick among residential schools. They teach students how to tackle problems from a very young age. In addition to this, the school contributes in an excellent manner to your child’s emotional and physical development needs. With brilliant staff, your child can thrive in studies as well as sports. Discipline is a priority here; a strict routine is followed throughout the day to not let students off track. The timetable is made keeping in mind what is important for the wellbeing of the students.

These are the best 5 boarding schools in Pune you can enroll your child in. All these residential schools promise a good education for their students and a bright future ahead. As difficult as the decision of sending a child to boarding school is, it is worth it when it comes to these schools. They nurture and discipline their students while encouraging them to be responsible. Make learning fun and help your child into becoming an independent citizen.

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Young minds are capable of infinite possibilities which when nurtured and
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My team and I focus on creating a perfect blend of academics and personal
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