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Significant Role Of Residential Schools’ In Maharashtra In Shaping Up Students’ Future

Today’s school scenario is incredibly competitive, with kids having a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to career choices and specializations that they can pursue post their stints in high school. And whilst school education is extremely vital for their career growth and opportunities, these initial and formative years of childhood is substantially important as it paves the way for shaping up their lives in adulthood. Thus, parents nowadays are actively enrolling their children in extracurricular activities like fine arts, athletics, and other intellectual interests, hobbies, and passions as they have woken up to the fact that mere academic education or excellence is not sufficient enough for their children to survive and sustain in the competitive ‘rat race’ of today! In fact, a focus on all-round development has become the need of the hour for children and students to become multi-faceted or multi-dimensional. Added to that, given the post-covid situation, not many parents are in a position to sufficiently devote time to their children or indulge them in extracurricular activities and assistance outside of school. This is where the boarding or residential schools, particularly Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra come into the picture-fulfilling all the requirements and specifications needed for your child to survive and sustain in this so-called ‘Big, bad world’!

Below are important pointers to how Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra shape up students’ futures and destiny:

Holistic growth-Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra are places where students/children not just come to learn academics, but also to live and develop their personalities. In parents’ absence, these schools are accountable for motivating, engaging, and fueling pupils to pursue the passions and interests they desire or aspire to be translated into reality in the future. Moreover, Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra put emphasis on children’s all-encompassing, holistic development including communication skills, fitness, problem-solving, decision-making, and general intellectual skills and potential in addition to providing academic education. Literally, it’s a ‘home away from home’ for kids and students.

Discipline management with a healthy balance of independence- Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra instil amongst students discipline and timeliness making them achieve more in all aspects of their academic and non-academic endeavours. At the same time, students learn to make decisions on their own, as well as getting along with their peers and classmates from other backgrounds to cooperate productively. In fact, Best Residential Schools in Maharashtracreates a healthy, conducive atmosphere for warm, friendly, co-existence of children and pupils and their peers leading to healthy competition and culminating in better performance, which proves to be highly beneficial in the long run. Furthermore, boarding or residential schools act as a facilitator in enhancing pupils’ critical thinking, emotional intelligence, self-esteem or self-respect thereby making them distinctive individuals acquiring success and accolades in both personal and professional spectrum of life.

Extracurricular & co-curricular activities-Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra aid in developing skill sets, personality via encouraging and indulging students and children in extracurricular and co-curricular activities alongside taking into account academic aspect and making students realize for the same.Moreover, these schools keep students away from modern-day distractions like incessant exposure to mobile phones or internet by making them engaged in meaningful extracurricular and co-curricular activities. It’s for these very substantial reasons that parents are keen to send their children to Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra for wholesome development of their kids so that they are capable enough to withstand competition and challenges thrown at them by Life and Society anytime, anyday,anywhere!

Character development-Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra aim to develop student’s character and personality, perspectives, and emotional responses. Parents are nowadays seeking schools that include ‘character development’ in their pedagogy, leading to their children’s holistic growth and development, as well as turning them out to be responsible, well-balanced, and civic-minded individuals. Giving the current state of world affairs prevailing at large, residential or boarding schools have now become the order and norm of the day!

Independent way of life-Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra help students in becoming more self-sufficient or self-dependent by encouraging them to do their own regular tasks, handle academic work, keep a monthly budget, and monitoring their food and dietary habits thereby inculcating in them basic life skills whilst also training them and making them adept in personal time management skill. This also instils sense of responsibility in them, with kids becoming more mature and conscious individuals in the process.

Mould your child’s future by getting them admitted at RiverDale International School-one of the Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra, maintaining an environment that’s conducive to overall growth and development of students pursuing academics there. Located in the exotic hills of Mulshi, RiverDale International School excels in operating residential programs without any day scholars or weekly boarders, imparting lessons to fresh and young minds to be upright morally and academically. Its round-the-clock personal supervision ensure that all students avail maximal benefits from RiverDale experience. Constituting a selectively chosen team of competent and experienced individuals, school faculty and staff are committed to providing best quality education to students, making way for brighter and shinier future ahead! It’s through their perseverance, dedication, sincere efforts and diligent endeavours that RiverDale is touted as one of the best residential schools in Pune in particular, and Best Residential Schools in Maharashtra in general. Additionally, given the recent pandemic outbreak in 2020, every measure at RiverDale has been taken to ensure adequate Covid-19 preparedness so that students can look forward to begin new academic year safely. Spread over 50 acres of lush greenery, we offer amenities surpassing pupils’ expectations. Through academic excellence, RiverDale strives to nurture learning, competence amongst students opting for ICSE and ISC curriculum under the able guidance of founder Mr. Farhang Azar and principal Mrs. Rini Chatterjee. Shape up your child’s future and destiny with us!



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“Productivity and efficiency can be achieved only step by step with sustained hard
work, relentless attention to details and insistence on the highest standards of
quality and performance.” JRD Tata

Young minds are capable of infinite possibilities which when nurtured and
channelized in the correct path leads to excellence of the individual and to the

My team and I focus on creating a perfect blend of academics and personal
experiences between students and nature, fostering sensitivity to the environment.
We believe every individual has latent talents which need to be discovered and
nurtured. Our challenge is not only to develop this, but also prepare them as
socially empathetic, responsible and compassionate adults.

Our founder has continued to serve as a guiding light and helped us to focus on
self-esteem, acquiring life skills and sustainable development. This forms the
nucleus of educational system at RIS.

Parents have been our pillars of support and strength. They have constantly stood
with us and motivated us to strive for excellence at all times.

The students, the focal center of all activities at RiverDale, and the very reason for
its existence, have also played their unique role by aligning themselves with the school’s vision and objectives through appropriate conduct and application. A
profound sense of responsibility and ownership towards their own learning, an
enhanced ability to resist peer pressure and take morally sound decisions, and a
predisposition towards cooperation and mutual support in the fields of academics,
extra-curricular activities and sports are only a few attributes that characterize our
students at RiverDale.

The way students respond to the tireless and caring efforts of their teachers and
other staff fills us with the confidence that at RiverDale we are moving in the right
direction. It gives us the motivation to redouble our efforts to serve the best
interests of our students. It also fills us with a sense of pride that RiverDale, in its
own small way, continues to enrich society by providing a steady stream of
morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically strong citizens. It is
with such tall standards to fall back on that we look to the future and discharge our
duties and responsibilities in the present.